Mizoram Provided More Than Rs 380 Lakhs For Humanitarian Aid To Myanmar Refugees : State Home Minister – Lalchamliana

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The Mizoram Government have provided more than Rs 380 lakhs as humanitarian aid to assist the Myanmar refugees, who have escaped the war-torn nation, following a fatal conflict with the military junta.

This was informed by the state Home Minister – Lalchamliana during an Assembly Session held on Tuesday. Responding to a query, the home minister mentioned that the central government has disbursed funding to the state, through which the state government is supporting refugees.

According to official statistics, a total of 24,289 refugees have entered the northeastern state since February 12, 2022, fleeing the Myanmar military’s atrocities against them.

A total of 9,033 refugees are being sheltering at a relief camp set up for them by the government and other NGOs, while 15,256 refugees are staying with relatives and friends in rented houses.

The Mizoram Home Minister further claimed that the refugees are being housed in various districts throughout the state, with the greatest population of 8,381 in Siaha, 5,925 in Champhai, and 5,409 in Langtlai.

He further asserted that Rs 380 lakhs has been disbursed to aid and support the refugees through the District Commissioners’ offices, with the funds being utilized for the establishment of a relief camp, power for the camps, water storage tanks, toilet building, food, medications, clothing, and beddings.

Its worthy to note that recently the Mizoram Chief Minister – Zoramthanga claimed that over 24,000 Myanmar nationals have taken refuge in the northeastern state. As of February 12 this year, the chief minister notified the Assembly that 24,289 Myanmarese individuals have sought refuge in Mizoram, according to government statistics.

He further added that due to ongoing clashes in the neighbouring country, particularly in Chin state, the number of Myanmar nationals migrating to the northeastern state has grown exponentially.

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