Sikkim : ‘Mobile Legend Game’ Hosted To Promote Video Games As Viable Career Alternative

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim 

The Esports Organization of Sikkim (ESOS) organized the first-of-its-kind friendly match of the ‘Mobile Legend’ game between the teams of Gangtok and Darjeeling in a local restaurant to propagate the idea of video games as a viable alternative to career.

Although, Esports commenced as a recreational pastime, but it has evolved into a productive activity over the years, providing many gamers with exciting global prospects.

However, players in Sikkim with similar calibre do not have access to these chances, thus this is a tiny move to promote gamers; as shared by one of the ESOS members.

“We hope to offer all gamers a platform where they can demonstrate their skills and compete on a national platform through this tournament, aiming to assist players in furthering their gaming careers and attain the rewards they deserve. As a result, we would be honoured to have your gracious attendance in this friendly yet ferocious clash, which would add to the event’s significance.” – informed another member.

The Co-founder of ESOS – Wangchuk T Kaji shared “we are using this game as a tool to break drug addiction, and in certain cases we have been able to do so, and many of our friends have successfully recovered, so this move is also against drug usage.”

Meanwhile, playing a visually appealing game diverts mental processes away from drug usage; further added Kaji.

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