Assam Government To Introduce Department For Emphasizing On Ancient Cultures Of Indigenous Communities : CM Sarma

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The Assam Chief Minister – Himanta Biswa Sarma on Monday asserted that his administration will introduce a department, which will categorically look after the promotion of faith & culture of anthropologically indigenous and tribal communities, citing the significance of their traditional wisdom.

Sarma announced the same, while interacting with the representatives of 30 tribal communities of the state in Guwahati.

“Assam is a microcosm of a larger region where people of various indigenous and tribal faiths and cultures have lived for generations. However, due to a variety of causes, the younger generations appear to have lost touch with the ancient religion and rituals,” Sarma explained.

He also reviewed various strategies to conserve and develop the beliefs and culture of anthropologically indigenous and tribal communities.

Taking to Twitter, Sarma wrote “People of indigenous faith and culture make our demography vibrant and unique. Glad to meet representatives of 30 tribal communities at Assam Legislative Assembly and discussed several means for preservation and promotion of their unique faith & culture.”

“Our Govt will preserve & promote their faith & culture with institutional support so that even the younger generation can acquaint themselves and absorb their unique culture and traditions.” – he further added.

The department would produce an action plan for the state government, to enrich the state’s demographics and its diverse array of indigenous and tribal cultures; informed Sarma.

“The department would essentially undertake extensive research and establish a firm foundation to achieve its purpose of assisting the next generation learn the values of ancient faith and culture.” – Sarma remarked.

He urged these leaders to register their groups with the department, so that state government can provide institutional support to those striving to preserve and promote indigenous and tribal beliefs and culture.

Sarma also informed that tribes, still practicing and preserving their ancient religion, beliefs, and culture can seek for government assistance via a portal.

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