Manipur : Dr Achingliu Kamei Conferred With ‘International Women of the Year Award, 2022’ 

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Dr Achingliu Kamei on Wednesday was awarded the International Women of the Year Award, 2022 presented by Centre for Professional Advancement (A Unit of International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation), Delhi for her illustrious academic career. She was one of the recipients of the International Women of the Year Award this year.

Dr Achingliu is an Associate Professor in Delhi University and teaches literature in the English Department in Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma (ARSD) College.

She was conferred the award for English Literature Research & Teaching.

Among Dr Achingliu’s published works, she is known for her book Dawn, Naga Tales, an authentic Naga folktales, retold by her in an attempt to preserve the legacy of traditional storytelling culture, presented in a written form.

The book at the same time aims to connect the younger Naga generation to their roots and identity, and inspire them to take pride in their cultural heritage.

Dawn is the first book in a series of Naga Tales.

Among many poems she has written, The Threshold View talks about Naga struggle to her self determination, its dark history and struggles and about the Naga people’s hope, unity and legacy among others.

She is from Inriangluang, Tamenglong.

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