Arunachal Pradesh : Symposium Themed On ‘Anglo-Adi War’ Inaugurated At Pasighat 

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In an attempt to narrate the sacrifices and valour of unsung freedom fighters of Adi Community, a symposium on Anglo-Adi War was held today at Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh.

Organized by the Siang Trust at the College of Horticulture & Forestry (CHF), this event showcased the history of Adi ancestors and their clashes against the British Army.

The symposium was inaugurated by the Health Minister of Arunachal Pradesh – Alo Libang. He was accompanied by legislator – Kaling Moyong, officials and Mandal President.

The symposium elaborated on various chronology of events where the Adi freedom fighters displayed their heroism, including – the Treaty of Yandaboo in 1826; Captain Vetch column attack, Villages burnt from 1847-48; Anglo-Adi War in 1858 – Group of Adis attacked a village 6 miles from Dibrugarh; British Force under Captain Lowthar & DC Lakhimpur march towards Kebang Village in March 1858; Anglo-Adi War in 1859; British forces under Col Hannay attack Pasighat area upto Rungkang Village from February 21-March, 1859; 7 Days Laleemukh Conference in in November 5, 1862; British force under Col Garstin attack Pasighat area upto Runkang Village in 1865; Inner Line Regulation 1873.

Taking to Twitter, Libang wrote “Had the immense pleasure of inaugurating the Symposium of Anglo-Adi War organized by Siang Trust at the College of Horticulture & Forestry, Pasighat, accompanied by HMLA Shri @moyong_kalingJi, Officials & Mandal President.

“I truly appreciate the efforts made by the Siang Trust to showcase the bravery of our ancestors, who fought the Britisher away from our beautiful land of Arunachal Pradesh.” – he further added.

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