Assam Police Launches Country’s First e-Forensic Science Laboratory

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Assam police on March 29, 2022, became the first police department in the country to launch the e-Forensic Science Laboratory (eFSL).

In a tweet on March 30, 2022, Assam DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta wrote, “Assam Police creates another milestone! Yesterday, inaugurated the country’s first eFSL System. We are the first state in the country to have developed an online system for downloading the Forensic Science Laboratory Reports, which can be used by all the districts.”

The DGP also said that the feature will ensure a timely receipt of reports which will help in the early completion of investigations.

“This feature will ensure timely receipt of FSL reports, which in turn will help in early completion of investigation. As opposed to the e-FSL Downloading, earlier entire country follows a system where the reports had to be sent physically, losing precious time in between. Charge sheets used to be delayed, accused used to go free in absence of such reports, etc. Well, not any more,” he further tweeted.

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