Sikkim : SKM Government Lacks Transparency, Still Have 2 Years To Prove Efficiency; Asserts HSP Vice-President 

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim 

The Vice-President of Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP) – Bhaichung Bhutia urged authorities to not tarnish the good name of Sikkim Police.

“Governments come and go, but institutions like the police should work in the best interests of the people. Whenever, I attend a big event in the national capital or other parts of the state, I always appreciate the role of Sikkim police, and Sikkim is peaceful as a result of their efforts. However, in the current scenario, especially in light of the current law and order situation in Sikkim, people have begun to lose faith in the police, especially during the last 1-2 years.” – asserted Bhutia.

Bhutia further mentioned that any issues, particularly those raised by opposition parties, have not been resolved; in fact, a few days ago, a guy was severely assaulted by a group of miscreants in front of a police station, and the police took no action.

“During the pandemic, CrPC 144 was imposed, and no one was allowed to walk in a group, but a group of women from the SKM party torched an effigy in front of police, and there are videos on social media of SDF party members being beaten in broad daylight. Police should work within the democratic framework; we are tired of leaders, but I believe the police should maintain their credibility.” – informed Bhaichung.

Questioning why the Budget Committee meeting was not broadcasted live, Bhaichung stated “what are they afraid of and why aren’t they doing it? And, as far as I could tell, the budget was chock-full of large commission projects that benefited exclusively firms from outside the state, and not local populace. Government claims to have focused on education and health, but these are large projects such as private universities worth Rs 500 crore and 900 crore that will benefit people from outside the country, but what we lack are proper schools for basic education, similar to how the Delhi government has revamped their education and health sectors.”

He also stated that the SKM government is lacking in transparency and that they still have two years to work.

Meanwhile, the Spokesperson of HSP – Biraj Adhikari said “If SKM also opt violence like in previous government then what is their paribartan. They have promised Paribartan in system, people have  voted for change but if they do the same old way of politics then what’s the use of their votes.”

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