Arunachal Pradesh : CM Pema Khandu Greets Galo Community On ‘Mopin Festival’ 

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The Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister – Pema Khandu extended his best wishes to the Galo Community on the auspicious occasion of ‘Mopin’.

Celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm, Mopin is a harvest festival observed during the month of lumi (April) every year. The Galo community expresses their gratitude by worshipping the deity Mopin, who is believed to provide wealth and success to households and the community as a whole.

The celebration is also thought to chase away evil spirits and spread God’s blessing of universal happiness. During the Mopin festival, the locals pray that the cursed shadow of any fatal natural calamity will not fall upon them, and that they will be able to enjoy happy and successful lives.

Dancing and chanting of rhythmic music fill the Galo settlements. The villagers don their traditional white-and-black outfits and colourful ornaments, smear rice flour paste on each other’s faces, and drink Apong – a locally brewed rice wine, while chanting folk melodies and performing the beautiful Popir dance.

Meanwhile, the Arunachal Pradesh CM expressed his best greetings to the community, hoping for happiness, good health and prosperity for the year ahead. Taking to Twitter, Khandu wrote “Warmest Mopin wishes to all my Galo brothers and sisters. May Anyi Pinku-Pinte bless everyone with good health, happiness, peace and prosperity. Happy Mopin!”

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