Christian Group – ‘Zoram Thar Zofate Lairelna Inpui’ Plans To Construct World’s Largest Church In Mizoram 

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The Christian group – ‘Zoram Thar Zofate Lairelna Inpui’ is all set to construct the world’s largest church edifice in Serchhip District of Mizoram.

According to the Chief of the group, this proposed church will be erected on a land measuring 23,809.52 square metres, which is 809.52 square metres larger than St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City – currently stands as the world’s largest church.

The founder of a non-denominational church – Dr Zaichhawna Hlawndo asserted that ‘Zofate Pathian Biakinpui’ (Big church for all Mizos) will be built in Thenzawl town, about 87 kms from the aforementioned location.

While unveiling the blueprint of the edifice, Hlawndo mentioned that the structure will be set-up through public donations and volunteer services. The church would be 270 feet long and 177 feet wide, with a height of 177 feet, he said.

It will belong to all ‘Zofate’ (Mizo tribes across the world), added the chief of a non-detrimental church.

The facility will have 30,000 seats inside and a courtyard that can hold up to 70,000 people. Meanwhile, any church or Christian group can utilize the edifice for worship or religious gatherings; informed Hlawndo.

Its worthy to note that the members of Zoram Thar group claim that they are descendants of Joseph, one of the 12 sons of Biblical patriarch Jacob.

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