Mizoram Faces Severe Fuel Shortage; Following Disagreement Over Transportation Costs 

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Mizoram is experiencing acute shortage of petrol and diesel, following a dispute over transportation costs between the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) and a Mizoram-based oil transporters forum.

According to a minister, oil delivery will resume and things will return to normal soon.

Its worthy to note that supply has been disrupted as a result of the Mizoram IOCL Transporters Forum (MITF) staging a protest, refusing to carry oil at the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) pricing and demanding an increase.

Other private transporters were also barred from transporting petrol and diesel to the state by the forum.

The forum chairman – K Lalnghakliana asserted that the IOCL just set transportation costs at a lower rate than in 2016.

He claimed that the new cost was unacceptable to local transporters because they incurred significant loss with the previous rate since 2016. Meanwhile, the forum had attempted to resolve the disagreement with the oil corporation on multiple times, but failed to reach to a mutual agreement.

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