Nagaland : CRO Wokha Conducts Routine-Checking At Merapani

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  • Loreni Tsanglao, NET Correspondent, Tripura 

The Consumer Rights Organization (CRO) Wokha along with District Administration and Lotha Hoho recently visited Merapani and held consultative meeting with the sand suppliers regarding supply, sale and adulteration of sand under the jurisdiction of Wokha District.

During this meeting, the suppliers at Merapani expressed that 400 cubic feet of sand are loaded into each truck that are being transported to Wokha sand dealers.

According to proper technical measures undertaken by CRO Wokha officials, the trucks entering Wokha Town do not meet the quantity reported by the suppliers from Merapani.

The President of CRO Wokha – M Abel Enny, revealed that trucks entering Wokha Town carry maximum 360 cubic feet as per the technical measurements made. And to everyone’s dismay the trucks entering Wokha Town are being charged at the rate of 400 cubic feet; he added.

Another major concern is the adulteration of sand being supplied to Wokha Town. CRO Wokha strongly reminded the suppliers that adulteration of sand will not be compromised under any circumstances.

The imbalance in supply, sale and adulteration of sand only benefits the stockiest and the suppliers which greatly effects the common public in general.

In order to work out the imbalances regarding supply, sale and adulteration of sand; the suppliers and stockiest at Merapani had sought 7 days time frame with effect from Saturday. While, executing their official works, CRO Wokha requested all concerned individuals to extend their support and cooperation.

Further, CRO Wokha through its media cell stated that any complaints or imbalances in the market the matter can be forwarded to the office of CRO Wokha.

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