Assam : Cyberattack On Duliajan-Based Oil India Limited (OIL) Office; IT Systems Shut-Down  

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The Duliajan-based office of the Oil India Limited (OIL) in Dibrugarh district of Assam has been subjected to massive “cyber attack”, following which all computers & IT systems have been shut down.

According to the Oil India Ltd (OIL) Spokesperson – Tridip Hazarika, “after learning that 3-4 PCs have been infected by the virus as a result of the cyberattack, OIL has been compelled to disconnect all of their computer systems from the LAN connection.”

“OIL has no Internet connectivity after disconnecting all of the PCs from the LAN,” Hazarika explained.

“Its too early to assert where the attack originated or what type of malware was used, the IT division has hired a professional IT firm to restore the network, which will take at least 4 to 5 days. OIL has previously experienced similar issues, but this time appears to be the largest IT-related disaster, which will take months to resolve.” – the spokesperson further added.

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