Ban Plastic Bags – Less Than 75 Micron Thickness By 2022 : SPCB To Sikkim Government 

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The Sikkim Pollution Control Board (SPCB) directed the state administration to prohibit the utilization of plastic bags with a thickness of less than 75 microns by the end of 2022.

As part of the campaign to turn Sikkim into a plastic-free state, it also encouraged the government to phase-out plastic bags with a thickness of less than 120 micron during the next phase.

The recommendations were made following a meeting called by the SPCB with elected leaders and officials from the state’s seven civic entities.

The meeting reviewed measures for phasing out single-use plastic items and establishing enforcement techniques to ensure that the Plastic Waste Management Rules (PWM) of 2016 and subsequent laws are implemented effectively.

According to the SPCB, the state government should only accept plastic bags with labels stating their requirements.

It was suggested that a task force be formed to monitor the use of plastic in the state.

Meanwhile, earbuds, plastic flags, candy sticks, ice cream sticks, thermocol cutlery, wrappers, packing films, invitation cards, PVC banners, and stirrers, among other single-use plastic goods, should be totally phased out starting July 1.

Market inspections should be conducted on a regular basis to ensure compliance, according to an official statement.

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