More Than 100 Bird Species Spotted Within 3 Days In Arunachal Pradesh

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Twitchers in Arunachal Pradesh were ecstatic to spot more than 100 different bird species within three days in Lungla in Tawang subdivision, demonstrating the rich biodiversity of the region.

The region – home to Red Panda & Snow Leopard, both of which are familiar sights among herders.

A team of birders comprising of – Koj Mama, Punyo Chada, Hibu Talu, Bamin Baro, Bamin Chada, Millo Tako and Dr. Joram Khopey spotted 105 birds from Zemithang, Old Lumla, Namstering.

It has also spotted mammals; including the Capped Langur, Barking Dear, Yellow-Throated Marten and Malayan Giant Squirrel.

Among the 105 birds, the twitchers were delighted to spot the Ultramarine Fly Catcher, Redheaded Bullfinch, Mrs Gould’s Sunbird, Blyth’s Swift, Bhutan Laughingtrush, Khalij Peasant, Rufous- Breasted Accentor, Crested Bunting, Darjeeling Woodpecker among others.

During the 3-days bird-watching event, the team has also spotted a snake believed to be rare and a member of the vine snake family.

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