Despite Court Reinstatement Order; Geyzing College’ 4 Expelled Students Lack Justice : SUSA Former President 

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim 

The former President of Sikkim University Students’ Association (SUSA) – Mahesh Rai called-on the Vice Chancellor of Sikkim University and urged the reinstatement of four Gyalshing College students.

Addressing a press conference on Friday, Rai informed the same and remarked that 4 expelled students of Geyzing college “lack adequate or rather total justice because they are not allowed to sit for exams due to Sikkim University’s own stature, despite the fact that the court ordered the students to be reinstated.”

“Four students of Gyalshing College were unlawfully and unjustly expelled by the college administration. You must be well aware that they had to struggle for their justice which has been served by the order of the High Court of Sikkim. However, vide letter dated 23/02/2022, addressed to office of Controller of Examiner and to the office of Registrar of Sikkim University; subsequently on 28/03/2022 they have written praying for the ef in their semester enrolment post reinstatement. Their matter had been admitted in the court of law wherein their expulsion has been revoked I understand that their removal from the College was not at all justified and hence they must have been counted as a regular students.” – informed the letter addressed to the Sikkim University’s Vice-Chancellor.

“The written petition of the students seeks to continue their course with their original batch and appear other papers as academic arrears. However it is informed by the office of Controller of Examination, the University statute does not allow such arrangements as sought by the students. It is unfortunate to again claim that there has been a miscarriage of justice when the college administration expelled the four students from Gyalshing College I strongly believe that we all as constituents of this glorious Republic of India must impart our obligations in order to make good of this wrongdoing by the college administration. We as students did impart our obligation by supporting the right side Court imparted its duty by doing the needful Now it seems the ball is in the court of Sikkim University where you can oblige the society by accepting the prayers of the four recently reinstated students.” – the letter further stated.

“Kindly allow them to continue their classes from whichever session they have requested for. Your good self as the ex-officio Chairperson of Academic and Executive Committee, the University’s highest decision-making body of the University, gives us immense hope that you will play an instrumental role in restoring people’s faith in justice.” – Rai requested.

The former SUSA President also shared that “since 2019, there has been a new election for SUSA and other Students Representative bodies in Sikkim, which is not good, and I request that the concerned authority look into this matter as soon as possible. I believe that if there were an active students body, the scenario of the Geyzing college students issue would be different.”

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