Tripura Government Plans To Introduce 12 Veterinary Mobile Vans; Ensuring Prompt Assistance At Doorsteps

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The Animal Resources Development Minister of Tripura – Bhagaban Das asserted that the state administration is planning to introduce 12 veterinary mobile vans to ensure that farmers rearing domesticated animals receive prompt assistance.

Addressing a cow distribution programme at North Tripura district, Das mentioned that “state administration has been promoting commercial animal rearing. We’re attempting to create an environment in which Tripura can become self-sufficient in milk, eggs, and meat production.”

Farmers in various locations are unable to get veterinary care due to geographical constraints.

“Therefore, keeping this in mind, we’re introducing 12 mobile vans that will reach out to farmers and give health checks for their livestock right at their doorstep,” Das explained.

Thousands of families are now earning a solid living by raising cattle, according to the Minister.

“Animal husbandry is a boost to the state’s rural economy. We should promote it and ensure that people adopt modern cow-rearing technologies,” the Tripura minister concluded.

Its worthy to note that 49 beneficiaries received financial support and hybrid female cows under a Northeast Council funded scheme.

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