Assam Government Instruct Districts To Tackle Flood Crisis; After Torrential Rainfall Hits State 

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The Assam Government has commenced making preparations to deal with the state’s flood crisis and the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) has instructed districts to be prepared in order to tackle flood situation.

According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ASDMA – Gyanendra Dev Tripathi, “based on flood statistics from the previous ten years in the state, the ASDMA has defined vulnerable and non-risk regions.”

“We pinpointed the spots using flood data from the previous ten years and identified 11 circles based on the data, which are scattered throughout five districts and experience flooding practically every year. Vulnerable areas in vulnerable pockets in every district have been mapped,” he further added.

“All of the districts are making specific preparations, and we are prepared from that standpoint in terms of identifying sensitive and non-vulnerable zones. Although, the actual flood situation won’t begin until May 15, but every district has begun its flood preparedness activities as early as March 15,” GD Tripathi stated.

He went on to say that this time, each district would be assessed and scored based on their preparedness.

“This time, we’ve established a scorecard, and each district will be evaluated based on the level of preparedness they’ve achieved, as well as ranked as district number 1, 2, or 3… We’re also working on it with Deputy Commissioners, field officers and circle officers to ensure that preparedness for any kind of flood emergency. We are stepping up our preparations to deal with any flood catastrophe that may arise in Assam,” Tripathi added.

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