Manipur’s Rich Culture, Aesthetic Values; Offer Huge Potential To Produce Iconic Films : Filmmaker – Aribam Sharma 

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The eminent filmmaker – Aribam Syam Sharma asserted that Manipuri cinema may advance if artists research and incorporate the way of life, aesthetics, and culture into their films.

“Manipur, with its rich culture and aesthetic values, offers a lot of promise for superb filmmaking,” he remarked.

Addressing the second session of the ‘Talk Series on Film Direction’ on Wednesday at Preview Theatre of Manipur State Film Development Society (MSFDS), the 87-year-old filmmaker stated that being a Manipuri has enabled him to develop well-known films such as “Imagi Ningthem”, “Ishanou”, “Yelhou Jagoi”, “The Marams”, and “Sangai – The Dancing Deer”.

He urged filmmakers to appreciate the subtleties of Manipuri culture; and referred Manipur as the world’s only small state to have consistently sustained motion picture storytelling in its own language for the past 50 years.

Sharma also warned aspiring as well as seasoned filmmakers that without ‘discipline,’ Manipuri cinema will perish.

He acknowledged that a lack of professional training among filmmakers and technical crews resulted in naive works, but claimed that without “formal training and film education”, it will be difficult to elevate the reputation of Manipuri cinema.

“Discipline with room for originality is unavoidable, but ego and false pride will lead to demise of Manipuri cinema.” – he further added.

According to the filmmaker, despite the film community of Manipur is small, it should be treated as a family and strive for collective growth.

The seasoned filmmaker went on to say that film screenings have evolved from large silver screens to television and now to everyone’s pocket phone.

Proper training is essential for the evolution of Manipuri film in this period of incredible technological advancements.

He underlined that training brings knowledge and comprehension of the many tasks, responsibilities, and hierarchy of the crew, will eventually promote discipline.

Besides, Sharma also mentioned that casting the appropriate actors for specific roles is crucial to a film’s success.

On Friday, Aribam Syam and Chongtham Kamala, a well-known vocalist, will present an overview about film music and background score.

Prior to this, participants will be shown ‘Imagi Ningthem’ and ‘Orchids of Manipur’ today afternoon to help them grasp the concept and gain a better understanding of the issue.

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