Sikkim Holds Untapped Tourism Potential; Striving To Provide Greater Access Along Unexplored Regions 

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Sikkim has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, yet its full aesthetic potential is yet to be realized. This sentiment was reinforced, when a group of super-bikers, currently on a nationwide expedition, interacted with the local populace on Thursday.

These bikers were traversing through Gangtok, Kyongonsla, Nathula and Zuluk.

While praising East Sikkim’s natural beauty, the team pondered why the government’s tourist operations aren’t scaled up.

On the other hand, locals expressed a desire to help boost tourism, suggesting that the state government improve existing facilities and provide greater access to unexplored areas such as Kyangnosla, Gnathang, and Zuluk by providing permits, hotels and homestays, medical facilities, and a better mobile network connectivity.

The Gram Pradhan of Kyongonsla – Milan Tamang also indicated that this will provide additional employment prospects for residents along the hospitality & adventure tourism industries.

Mr Aiyappa – the expedition leader, who has spent a lifetime riding motorcycles around the world, considers the Sikkim track to be one of the most beautiful and toughest riding circuits in the world.

Meanwhile, resolving the issue of limited permits will boost the popularity of this circuit; informed an official statement.

Discussing about other challenges with the Headman of Zuluk village – Gopal Pradhan, it emerged that considering the huge potential of adventure tourism in Sikkim including trekking, cycling, hiking, water sports, aero sports and possibly even winter sports in Gnathang area; and little push by the state government could give the tourism industry in Sikkim a boost, which would be a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved, including – locals, tour operators, and tourists.

In fact, while conversing with numerous villagers and other tourists along the way, the team noticed a similar mood across the state.

Aiyappa also hoped that authorities would look into these concerns and undertake proactive measures to help the state attract as many tourists as possible.

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