Sikkim Intends To Strengthen Veterinary Hospitals In Pakyong; Expand Citizen-Centric Services

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The Sikkim Government is planning to strengthen veterinary hospitals of Pakyong, in order to ensure that domesticated animals receive rapid care for a variety of diseases and maladies.

Based on the same, the Secretary of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services (AH&VS) Department – Dr P. Senthil Kumar visited Pakyong Veterinary Hospital to assess the status and requirements of Animal Husbandry District office and Veterinary Hospital.

The Pakyong Hospital receives various pet animals, small ruminants and other animals for treatments of various disease and ailments both at hospital and in the field.

The group reviewed several elements of improving the infrastructure, equipment, and service delivery at the hospital clinic.

It was insisting on the completion of the Vet Hospital building, which is yet to be completed due to death of the contactor.

The secretary instructed the doctors to report the instances to the department and to estimate future hospital installation requirements at the new location so that plans could be made properly.

Meanwhile, the issue of a lack of infrastructure and manpower was examined in order to identify solutions in the near future, given the state’s rising veterinary health care activities.

The Secretary, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, praised the Pakyong Hospital’s team of Veterinary Doctors, paravets, and personnel and encouraged them to perform better, assuring them of his full support in further improving the institution.

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