Sikkim : Tangled In Copyright Violation; Delhi Court Stays Release Of ‘Broken Wings’ – Themed On ‘Gorkhaland Agitation’ 


  • NET Web Desk

Broken Wings, a Nepali-Hindi bilingual film about the Gorkhaland agitation that was set to be released on Friday, has been put on hold by a Delhi court.

Directed by the Darjeeling-based filmmaker – Shenpenn Khymsar, the release of this movie has been halted by the court, due to the usage of late Parikrama band member and musician Sonam Sherpa’s works in the film without her consent.

According to the Bar and Bench report, the release of ‘Broken Wings’ has been halted by District Judge Sanjiv Jain, who stated that it can only be released if the late artiste’s works are removed.

“Prima facie case exists in favour of the plaintiff. Balance of convenience also lies in favour of plaintiff as if the defendant number 1 is allowed to use the same by the time, trial comes to an end, he would exploit the musical works to his full advantage to the detriment of the plaintiff,” the order further reads.

Dina Ramliani Ralte claimed that the defendant utilised her husband’s work in the film without her permission or credit.

Sherpa’s musical works were used in the film without the plaintiff’s permission or approval, according to the judge.

The court ruled that the filmmaker could not release the film unless the two songs – Timro Mero and There She Goes, were removed till May 19, 2022.