Manipur : Nine Water Buffaloes Succumb To Mysterious Disease In Ukhrul 

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At least nine water buffaloes of Asiatic breed are reported to have succumbed under mysterious circumstances at Namrei hamlet under Chingai area in Ukhrul district over the last few days.

According to IFP report, water buffaloes which succumbed due to the disease within late April, showed symptoms of acute tongue blisters, foamy saliva, and foot infections.

The Namrei hamlet had around 90 bovine-bred water buffaloes. However, a considerable number of Asiatic buffalo species have been impacted by the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak and are said to be in critical condition.

Its worthy to note that recently, several Asiatic buffaloes of the bovine breed succumbed in Ukhrul district’s Kharasom, Tusom, and Chingjaroi villages due to an unknown ailment.

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