Mizoram’s “No-Honking Policy, Diminishing Plastic Sewage” Culture Is Commendable : President Kovind 

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President Ram Nath Kovind on Thursday lauded Aizawl’s “no-honking and shrinking plastic sewage” culture, and urged other cities to follow the approach.

Addressing the 16th Convocation of Mizoram University, Prez Kovind asserted “Despite the heavy traffic, the diligent people of Aizawl are said to refrain from honking. This is a worthwhile practice that could be embraced by individuals in other cities.”

He mentioned that the state’s natural beauty is matched by the personal greatness displayed by its citizens; and the ecosystem of Mizoram alongwith other northeastern states, must be carefully safeguarded.

“We must adopt methods that are good not only to us but also to nature,” – he added.

According to NITI Aayog report, the inhabitants of Mizoram, along with those of Sikkim and Tripura, produce the least plastic garbage.

“This is an excellent example of responsible consumption and production that our young students will build on,” he said.

Mizoram having the second highest literacy level across the nation, is a really contemporary state, set to take-off for greater achievements; according to the President.

Meanwhile, Aizawl emerged as the country’s first and only “horn free” city, with no official policy or regulation. Every law-abiding and disciplined commuter follows self-imposed road discipline to avoid traffic snarls in this congested metropolis.

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