‘Assam Inland Water Transport’ Intends To Enhance Ferry Service Rates 


  • NET Web Desk

The Assam Inland Water Transport Regulatory Authority has proposed to revise the passenger tariffs of all ferry services operating in Assam’s waterways under the Inland Water Transport divisions of Guwahati, Dibrugarh, and Silchar.

As per the provisions of Section 16 (1) of AIWT Regulatory Authority Act 2018, the existing rate of Rs 2.50 will be enhanced to Rs 5 per passenger while bicycle with rider will be enhanced to Rs 9 from the existing rate of Rs 4.50.

The AIWT has recommended a new Goods (Per Qtl) tariff of Rs 10 instead of Rs 5, and a motorbike or scooter with a rider will cost Rs 14 instead of Rs 7. While, the water transport department has raised the charges from the previous rate.

Furthermore, the planned rate for the night service has been enhanced to double. After 8 PM, a passenger will be charged Rs 10 instead of Rs 2.50, and a cyclist will be charged Rs 18 instead of Rs 4.50.

During night service after 8 PM, goods (per Qtl) will cost Rs 20 instead of Rs 5, and a motorcycle will cost Rs 28 instead of Rs 7.