Failing To Address Beef Scarcity; Demonstrates Clear Support For BJP Agenda : Butchers’ Body To Meghalaya Government 


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The Khasi Jaintia Butchers’ Association (KJBA) believes that by failing to address the beef situation, the state government is implicitly supporting the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP’s) objectives.

According to the KJBA General Secretary – Generous Warlarpih, “By doing nothing to fix this situation, the state government is assisting the BJP in achieving its goal of prohibiting the consumption of beef.”

He claimed that those in this industry are powerless because if the situation does not change quickly, everything will come to a halt.

“Many individuals have already lost their jobs, and many more will; as butchers have been forced to leave the industry due to scarcity of cattle.” – he added.

the state administration established aquaculture and piggery missions to boost fish and pork production, but has yet to develop a policy to stimulate cow husbandry.

Because most BJP-ruled states have prohibited the consumption of beef, the state cannot continue to rely on imported livestock.

“It is critical for us to be self-sufficient. We urge the state to implement a mission-based policy to encourage farmers to start raising cattle for slaughter” – said the KJBA General Secretary.

“We are forced to purchase cattles at a higher price from local farmers; as these animals are not intended for slaughter. Therefore, we have no choice except to raise the price of meat,” – Warlarpih remarked.

Previously, the KJBA claimed that cattle shipping to Meghalaya from outside the state had completely ceased, leading in a severe beef shortage.

According to the group, the Assam government has not allowed cattle to enter the state since the implementation of the Assam Cattle Preservation (Amendment) Act, 2021.

The state government’s assertion that it is issuing challans to local meat sellers was disputed by Warlarpih.

“We’ve decided to demand that the state government stop issuing challans. What is the use of issuing challans if we don’t receive them? The government has remained deafeningly silent on the subject,” he added.