Sikkim : Political Feud Intensifies; Following SDF Chief Referring SKM-Led Peace Rally As ‘Joke By Jokers’ 

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The political squabble between the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) and the opposition Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) has escalated.

Former Sikkim chief minister & SDF Chief – Pawan Chamling, has criticized the SKM, thereby referring the peace rally or ‘Shanti Prativad Julus’ as a ‘joke by jokers’. “The peace rally was the biggest comedy of our time since it was led by jokers.” – he added.

“I’m afraid they’ve taken over the jobs of our local stand-up comedians,” he continued.

“The police have been used to stifle brave voices, incite violence on the streets and support shameless liars who promote hate and misinformation on social media,” Chamling stated.

“A rally in protest of peace is known as Shanti Prativad Julus. If the government recognizes the absence of peace, the CM must take action to restore it. He may deliver a message of goodwill and peace to the state. The hopelessly enraged and agitated knuckleheads were letting off steam, spouting hate and promoting hatred. That is how they envision a peace rally,” – he asserted.

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