Assam : Behali Reserve Forest Designated As ‘Wildlife Sanctuary’ 

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The Assam Environment and Forest Department has issued a preliminary notification for the Behali reserve forest in Biswanath district to be designated as a wildlife sanctuary.

“The Governor of Assam hereby appoints the Deputy Commissioner of Biswanath District to act as a Collector under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, to inquire into and determine the existence, nature and extent of rights of any person in or over the land comprised within the limits described in the Schedule.” – informed a gazette notification.

The last remaining semi-evergreen forest – Behali Reserved Forest (BRF) which was established in 1917, is home to over 950 plant and fauna species.

However, due to unlawful invasion and destruction, the dense sections in the restricted forest have fallen from a total geographical area of around 140 sq km to only 60 sq km.

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