Nagaland : True Politics Comes With Set Of ‘Party Morals & Principles’; Asserts NPF President 

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  • Loreni Tsanglao, NET Correspondent, Nagaland 

The President of Naga People’s Front (NPF) – Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu on Tuesday stated that a selfish minded political leader is not a true leader but who stood with the principal of the party is considered as true leader of the people.

“True politics is to work for the people base on its principal, whereas, power and money monger politics is not true politics”, he said this while speaking at the Kohima Division consultative meeting held at Central Office.

Dr. Shürhozelie one of the most veteran politician said that in politics, we faced many ups and down and maintained that in politics, we need to learned and experienced to stay even in opposition so that we get to learn many things, adding that any leaders having the perspective to stay in ruling always is wrong.

He also said that NPF have faced all the good and bad time’s situation but since the party is deeply rooted to the Naga people, it is growing day by day.

Referring to the recent defection of 21 MLAs, the NPF President said that, it may be a ‘blessing in disguise’ for the party as the party has more opportune time to work out the modalities for the betterment of the party and its future.

With the recent development, Dr. Shürhozelie said that there will be many hearsay to confuse the party leaders but urged upon the leaders to stand firm on the party principal as the party have full faith that it will shine soon.

On merger issue, the party president asserted that the NPF merging to another political party is out of question as this party belongs to the entire Naga people but other political merging with the NPF is most welcoming, he added.

Ex MLA, Kropol Vitsu who spoke on the occasion said that the recent defection of the NPF MLAs is not a worry for the NPF party but it is for the defector MLAs and their followers who will be more worry for their future.

He also said that all the MLAs irrespective of the political party affiliation is in the ruling Government, therefore, terming the recent internal shifting of party to another are the leader without principal.

The Central Senior Vice President, Kruzakie Kelio in his speech called upon the Kohima Division to be fully prepared and work out the best of strategy in the 6 Assembly seats under Kohima District if election is held in 2023. He also said that the recent defection as a helplessness and to cover their face to run away to the ruling NDPP.

The Central General Secretary, Guoneiu Sirie speaking on the occasion said that the regional NPF party is a blessed party for the Western Angami Constituency, however, the defection of its MLA is disheartening but stated that the leaders who holds the true principal of the party is still intact with the party. He also mentioned that many good political parties is there in the state but the NPF is the only political party with its principal solely for the Naga people.

The Central Secretary, Sievotso Seyie who also spoke on the occasion maintained that NPF have faced different kinds of political wave but still it is surviving and will remain so and said that in politics, many leaders will be leaving the party but many new capable leaders will be joining the party.

Earlier, the Kohima Division President, Neisakuolie Rutsa chaired the programme, invocation prayer by CEC member, Suosahie Sachü while welcome address was delivered by Kohima Division Working President, Vira Lhousa and vote of thanks was pronounced by Kohima Division General Secretary, Vilasalie Theünuo.

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