Sikkim : SKM Lashes-Out At Former CM – Pawan Chamling For Remark On ‘Shanti Prativad Julus’ 

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  • Sujal Pradhan NET Correspondent, Sikkim 

The President of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM)’s Women Wing – Kala Rai lashed-out at the former CM & Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) Chief – Pawan Chamling for terming the Shanti Pratibad Rally as “illogical, absurd and self-contradictory”.

Chamling also criticized SKM and referred the peace rally or ‘Shanti Prativad Julus’ as a ‘joke by jokers’. “The peace rally was the biggest comedy of our time since it was led by jokers.” – he added.

Besides, Rai in her retaliation shared “SKM has opposed insulting remarks made against women in Sikkim, not against any party, and we would not condone any insult to the modesty of women in Sikkim, as Pawan Chamling attempted to belittle the women through his hired agent, which is not acceptable.”

“Chamling had labelled the rally illogical, absurd, and self-contradictory, yet the party had organized numerous similar rallies throughout his 25 years in office. They should start by observing their own actions. Its government has arranged a two-day labour protest event, so I’m curious as to what response they have for this subject.” – she added.

Its worthy to note that the former CM Pawan Chamling has termed the May 4 ‘Shanti Prativad Rally’ as a classic case of “a guilty conscience is always suspicious”, claiming that the SKM government is to blame for Sikkim’s rising instability and violence.

According to Chamling, ‘Shanti Prativad Julus’ signifies a gathering in opposition to peace. He stated that the SKM has been protesting against peace from its creation, citing cases of alleged attacks on him, SDF workers, and individuals who questioned the SKM government.

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