Provide ‘Alternate Livelihoods’ To Workers; Before Felling-Down Tea Bushes : Assam Tea Workers’ Body

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The Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangha (ACMS) is concerned about the wellbeing of roughly 2000 tea garden employees at the Daloo tea plantation in the Cachar district, and therefore requested the state administration to offer them with “alternative livelihood”.

Tea garden employees are concerned that the transfer might result into employment loss and lead towards instability for their families and children.

The tea garden workers’ body voiced their displeasure over the matter, following the state government commenced felling-down tea bushes at the Daloo tea estate in preparation for a greenfield airport.

ACMS Mangaldoi branch General Secretary – Santiuse Kujur appealed the state government to safeguard employment of these tea garden workers’ and emphaisize on their rights before proceeding with the project.

“The government’s move will remain unacceptable, if no alternative livelihood is provided,” he continued.

He was particularly concerned about the future of the tea garden workers’ children; and inquired about the future course of action in terms of their rehabilitation and employment”.

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