Assam Government Built 40 Highlands To Save Animals From Flood Crisis : Forest Minister – Parimal Suklabaidya 

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The Assam Forest Minister – Parimal Suklabaidya asserted that state administration has built around 40 additional scientifically designed highlands to rescue the wildlife of Kaziranga National Park and other forests from floods.

The forest department is “completely prepared” to rescue animals from the current floods in Kaziranga and other national parks, wildlife sanctuaries throughout the state.

“We have effectively finished the construction of approximately 40 highlands to address the current flood crisis across Assam,” he said.

These were constructed scientifically with ample grass and vegetation bearing fruits such as elephant apple and Indian gooseberry.

“The highlands allow us to limit animal casualties during periodic floods,” he continued.

Suklabaidya, who is closely monitoring the flood situation across the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, stated that the agency is completely prepared to cope with it.

“Every year, flash floods hit Kaziranga. We are adequately geared to deal with any emergency, including food for policemen and forest employees deployed for animal rescue operations in Kaziranga,” – he stated.

More than 25 boats are kept available for animal rescue in Kaziranga National Park, and a plethora of efforts has been adopted to cope with any downpour in a better and more efficient manner; remarked Suklabaidya.

According to PTI report, a newborn elephant was saved from drowning on Tuesday.

As per the Director of Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve (KNPTR) – Jatin Sharma, the park contains 144 man-made hills, including 33 large ones for keeping animals during floods. While, a 8.5-kilometer-long road-cum-highland has been erected to provide shelter to animals during floods and for patrolling.

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