Liquor Worth Over Rs 1 Lakhs Confiscated From Mizoram


  • Ezrela Dalidia Fanai, NET Correspondent, Mizoram 

In its crusade against smuggling activities, the Aizawl Battalion under the aegis of Headquarters Inspector General Assam Rifles (East) recovered a massive stash of contraband substances worth over Rs 1 lakhs from Darkhai crossing in Mizoram.

According to reports, the paramilitary troop have confiscated 98 cases and 34 Bottles (Total 3954 bottles) of illegal liquor Myanmar Origin from the concerned region on Tuesday.

“The approximate cost of the seized illegal Myanmar Origin liquor is estimated to be approximately Rs 1,97,700. The recovered contraband and apprehended persons was handed-over to Champhai District Police for further legal proceedings.” – informed a press release issued by Assam Rifles.