Tripura Airport Prohibits Fuel Supply To Planes; After Flood Disrupts Links With Assam 

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The Maharaja Bir Bikram (MBB) Airport in Tripura has restricted the supply of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) to aeroplanes, after flash floods, massive landslides disrupted communication channels between Assam & Tripura.

Due to dwindling ATF supplies, planes can now only refuel for the next trip at MBB Airport.

“In light of the decline in ATF stock, the Director of MBB Airport – Rajiv Kapoor met with concerned authorities and notified them about the decision to limit refuelling,” the official said.

If the fuel is delivered in a controlled manner, the existing stock of ATF at the Agartala airport will last for 13-14 days.

“The prohibition will only be in effect for a few days until railway and road communication are restored,” – asserted Kapoor.

ATF is delivered to MBB Airport via stretch and rails from Assam, however those services have been disrupted due to flooding and landslides in the neighbouring state.

According to the official, over 12 tankers carrying ATF for MBB Airport are on their way from Assam by road.

After the VAT on aviation fuel dropped to 1% in December 2021, the MBB Airport became a popular refuelling destination for airlines. It resulted in a significant reduction in the price of ATF when compared to Guwahati, where a litre costs Rs 99.28 plus 28.65% VAT.

The number of flights operated daily at the airport is 18. Due to disruptions along the region’s train and road networks, demand for airline tickets and their rates has been increasing with each passing day. Until May 22, no tickets will be available for the Agartala-Guwahati route.

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