Nagaland Government Issues Measures To Curb Money Extortion Rackets Along Check-Gates

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In order to curb illegal collection of money from vehicles; the Nagaland Government has directed the closure of all police check-gates, except the existing inter-state check gates.

According to a press release issued by the Nagaland Chief Secretary – J Alam on Thursday, the check gates installed by other Departments, including the Municipal and Town Councils, shall also be immediately closed throughout the northeastern state.

While, the interstate check gates may function till May 31, 2022, and beyond that date shall function only after obtaining a specific approval of the Home Department.

“If anywhere in the State a check gate by any organization, group or private individual, has been setup or functioning, for whatsoever reasons, that shall also be removed/closed forthwith. In the event of additional inter or intra district check gates required for unavoidable reasons by any Department, including the police Department, in any part of the State, the matter shall be referred through the AHOD/HOD concerned with justifications to the Home Department for consideration, and only after getting prior approval of the Government, the check gate will be set up by the Department concerned.” – the press release further reads.

“Every Department concerned after closing the check gate at any location in compliance of this order, shall dismantle and completely remove any temporary structure/building standing at the location and being used by it, so as to obviate the possibility of anyone else misusing the structure/space left behind for illegal collections purposes.”

Meanwhile, officials from the Home Department will also be sent to evaluate these check gates, and submit reports to the appropriate department.

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