Tripura : Octogenarian Man Still Deprived Of House, Monthly Allowances

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  • Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura 

Agartala, May 25, 2022 : An elderly man from Tripura’s Nehal Chandranagar Panchayat in Kamalasagar assembly constituency, about 24 KMs away from Agartala city had been hoping for a fresh dawn, where the government would come knocking on his door, providing him with a residence and monthly allowances.

The government led by Left Front parties ruled for 35 years, Congress-led coalition government for five years and now, more than four years passed-off by the BJP-led coalition government. No leaders or administrative officials in the Left and Right regimes had come forward to extend their helping hand to the man in his eighties who reside with his 65-year old wife at 20 Card area under Ward No.-1 of Nehal Chandranagar Panchayat in Kamalasagar assembly constituency, Sepahijala district.

Santosh Singh contemplated happiness and peace for eighty years. Happiness, on the other hand, did not kiss his brow. The Communists left, and the Sangha family recovered, but deprivation remained. The 80-year-old man and his lone wife, Shanti Bhandari Singh. He is currently unable to stand up straight and even needs the assistance of his wife to leave the house for nature’s call, despite the fact that his wife is also elderly.

The octogenarian man had been repeatedly demanding at least an allowance or a house for his wife. The man alongwith his wife are currently living in a decades-old house with mud-baked walls that appears to be miserable and could collapse at any time due to minor natural acts. Sun and moon are the only sources of light for this elderly couple during the day and night, respectively.

Although, the current Modi-led government announced a defecation-free society in which every household has access to a toilet, as well as dwellings, through Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) – a signature initiative; but Santosh, on the other hand, is still without a toilet despite eight years of Modi-led government’s regime.

He lamented the fact that leaders had repeatedly assured him of delivering basic amenities. Four years have passed, since the Sangha-led BJP assumed power. Despite contacting the local panchayat, the elderly man failed to receive any facilities.

The elderly man is currently living in a state of helplessness. Therefore, he demanded that the current administration provide him with at least one house or allowance. So far, no humane leadership has given the family – a second thought. It’s now up to them to see if anyone backs them up at the last minute.

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