Tripura : Former CM – Manik Sarkar Urged Citizens To Build-Up Resistance Against BJP-Sponsored Forces

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  • Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura 

Agartala, May 28, 2022 : Tripura’s former Chief Minister and Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) Politburo member Manik Sarkar on Saturday appealed to the people of working class to build up intense resistance against the reactionary forces sponsored by ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Viswa Hindu Parishad (VHP) across the state.

The two-day long state conference of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), Tripura unit had begun with an open session in front of Rabindra Satabarshiki Bhavan here in Agartala city on Saturday noon. This conference is being attended by 400 delegates from every nook and corner of the state.

Addressing the gathering, Sarkar, who is also Tripura’s leader of opposition in his 50 minutes speech said “The situation of India is not in good condition. Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government stepped on its 9th year. Common masses witnessed the central government promoting communal power and favouring the corporates. The government is trying to take the country to a dangerous place. The ruling party and government at the centre is playing their activities with an extremely suspicious and aggressive role. Attempts are being made several times to destroy the key points of the Indian Constitution.”

“Every day, prices of essential commodities are rising and common people are facing problems. There are no new jobs anywhere, people are being laid off. The RSS-controlled BJP-led government is trying to give up MGNREGA scheme as corporates had pressured the government saying that this will incur loss to them. The then Left Front government protested in front of Parliament in Delhi. Later, allocations for NREGA were reduced and did not release the budgeted amount for this scheme”, he added.

Comparing BJP with Britishers, CPIM Politburo member Sarkar said “Britishers adopted the divide and rule policy in India. A section of Indians during that period performed the role of licking the boots of Britishers. The present government is trying to adopt the same policy like before independence by creating division among people.”

“People of the country are getting united as the maximum populace hail from the working class. A section of people were instigated by the fascist-led BJP leaders and tried to constitute an attack on the people at large. Here, CITU played the leading role and other working-class organizations across the country supported their slogans. Build up resistance on the attacks constituted by destructive forces and if required, hold counter-attacks”, Sarkar told the gathering.

Appealing to the like-minded people, Tripura’s ex-CM urged the working class people not to constitute any attack or terrorize people who are distracted. He said “Build a friendly relation with the people who are confused. Don’t harm them. Explain the people what is the need of the hour for an exploitation-free society.”

Sarkar was accompanied by CITU national secretary Tapan Sen, CITU state general secretary and former MP Sankar Prasad Datta and others while CITU state president and former Transport minister Manik Dey presided over the open public gathering of CITU’s two-day state conference.

The Politburo member further added “In the coming days, more fights are in the queue and people will not step back. The upcoming by-election is a contest of warming up. It is like a rehearsal before the assembly election. People had to be united to stage a protest. The people of the state had lost their faith upon the ruling party. Resistance had to be intense. We have to unite with this goal in mind. Speak with people in the villages and hamlets without shouting slogans and taking flags.”

He also said “Changes are noticed among people of the country and in Tripura. People have seen the government in this state for the last 52 months where they are being deprived in every way. The commitments made before election are a trap of deception. At present, a breeze of air is flowing all around and a change is going to be noticed soon. The former CM under the present BJP’s regime was applauded by Prime Minister Modi three times and two times by the union Home minister. But in April last, he was removed from the constitutional post. The central leadership had understood that the government under his chairmanship was a complete failure and progressed in the opposite direction. The ruling party in Tripura is getting isolated from the people. During the former CM’s regime 40-42 media personnel faced attack across the state. All these attacks took place under the indulgence of PM Modi. New CM had taken charge of the state at the time when BJP leadership started feeling that the soil beneath their feet slipped away.”

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