Healthcare Sector – Topmost Priority For Arunachal Pradesh Government; Post COVID-19 Pandemic : CM Pema Khandu 


  • NET Web Desk

The Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister – Pema Khandu asserted that state government has prioritized the healthcare sector, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing the 15th Foundation Day celebration of the Itanagar-based Heema Multispecialty Hospital on Sunday, Khandu urged local entrepreneurs to invest in similar ventures that would serve people during critical times.

He informed that 18 district hospitals were being upgraded across the frontier state, while several district hospitals have already been dedicated to the people after upgradation which are nearing completion.

“We have not remained confined to the district hospitals but are reaching the primary health centres (PHCs) and community health centres (CHCs) too. This financial year, 60 identified PHCs and CHCs will be upgraded, one each in every Assembly constituency, into Model Units, which would be called Golden Jubilee PHCs and CHCs,” he said.

He stated that the health sector is one of the most demanding, and that the government alone cannot meet the people’s healthcare needs.

“One of the negative consequences of civilization and development is deteriorating health. Our way of life changes as we become more reliant on technology. There isn’t much physical activity these days, which makes people more susceptible to numerous ailments and necessitates better and more comprehensive healthcare,” Khandu explained.

He also mentioned that the state government recently passed an Industrial Investment Policy to encourage private investment in the state.