Nagaland BJP President Lodges Blackmail Complaint; Warns To Treat Culprit In ‘Naga Style’

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The President of Nagaland Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and state Education Minister – Temjen Imna Along has lodged a cybercrime complaint against an unknown person for blackmailing him with a doctored adult film.

In his complaint, Mr. Along claimed that his image was morphed was in an adult video to smear his name. The miscreant used his social media presence to create the filthy video; asserted Along.

He has also been blackmailed by the miscreant, who has requested a lump sum payment in exchange for his not uploading modified recordings on social media platforms.

“I’ve already lodged a report against the phone number (from which the crook called),” he stated.

Taking to Twitter, Along stated “#FakeAlert #ImportantNotice Dear Friends, Mostly, I have been active on social media platforms to connect with my fellow citizens and interact with them. I have also been interacting with people through Video Calls.

“However, taking advantage of my social media appearances, inorder to defame my reputation, an unknown miscreant has edited my video with an adult video showcasing some vulgar scenes.” – he added.

Meanwhile, the minister further informed that “He/She has also blackmailed me and demanded a lump sum to avoid uploading edited videos on social media platforms. If anyone receives any message as such, kindly report it to me by sending me the ID or Phone Number.”

“I have already lodged a complaint against the number. Help me find out the culprit. I will take good care of him in our Naga style after I get to know his identity” – he remarked.

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