Sikkim : SPCB Conducts Field Training On ‘Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Operation’


  • NET Web Desk

The State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) of Sikkim today conducted an on-site training on Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) operation for employees of state government department at Torrent Pharmaceuticals of Namli in Gangtok district.

This training was attended by officials from Health Department, Public Health Engineering Department (PHED), Animal Husbandry Department, Sikkim Fruit Preservation Factory and Sikkim Milk Union (SMU).

The Executive Environmental Engineer of SPCB – Ranjan Rai, highlighted the functions of various components of ETP system and the points to be monitored for ensuring that the system operates efficiently and removes contaminants from waste water.

Meanwhile, a leading specialist in the field – Suresh Kumar elaborated the technical aspects of operating the system, including the calculations and factors for determining the standards of treated waste water.

During the event, equalization tanks, clarifier and flocculation chambers, activated carbon, and dosing tanks were demonstrated to the participants.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities, slaughterhouses and abattoirs, sewage treatment plants, and government factories are all obliged by law to install and operate the effluent treatment plants.

SPCB intends to offer ETP installation and operation training in future for entrepreneurs, hotel owners, garage and car spa owners.