Mizoram : More Than 2k Households Affected By Fall ArmyWorm (FAW) Outbreak 

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The Fall ArmyWorm (FAW) outbreak – pest that damaged maize cultivations across several regions of Mizoram have affected more than 2900 households across nine districts.

According to an official statement issued by the state Agricultural Department, around 580.21 hectares of maize cultivation areas have been infested by the pests in 9 districts. Lawngtlai district has been considered to be highly affected by the pest; with 235 hectares of maize-growing ground severely devastated.

As per reports, 824 maize cultivators were affected in Lunglei district, followed by 722 families along Mamit district and 420 farmers in Serchhip district.

However, officials expressed hope that significant rains would aid corn growers. It is believed that farmers must be equipped with insecticides, in order to prevent further crop damage and incur massive losses.

Its worthy to note that recently, the northeastern state reported a fresh outbreak of Fall ArmyWorm (FAW) bug; which then negatively impacted almost 89 hamlets across seven districts.

FAW outbreak was first detected in Mizoram in 2019, and its occurring every year since then during the summers. The state administration, on the other hand, is undertaking all possible measures to prevent its outbreak by providing pesticides and insecticides to cultivators.

In order to kill the bug, farmers have been instructed to use soap solutions, salt-red pepper mixture and ash.

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