‘Bad Touch’ Allegations : Sikkim Monks Demand Immediate Prohibition Of ‘Kabaddi-4’ Release; Until Actress Tenders Public Apology

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim

Monks representing various organizations and monasteries today jointly appealed the state administration to prohibit the release of Nepali movie – ‘Kabaddi 4’ across Sikkim, until its lead actress – Meruna Mangar issues a public apology; over ‘bad touch’ allegation against monk – Phurba Tamang during movie promotions.

Addressing a press conference, one of the representatives of this group – Sonam Bhutia asserted that “we have no issue with the movie, but we are only concerned with the way the monk was humiliated, thrashed in public while dressed as a monk, which is a great insult, and they don’t have proof that Phurba touched him because no such videos exist, so we want actor Meruna to apologize to monks and Buddhists for hurting our feelings, or prove that Phurba is wrong and punish him for if being guilty.”

Its worthy to note that the members of All India Buddhist Forum (Buddhist Umbrella Organization) has also written a letter to Sangha MLA Sonam Lama (Sangha seat means religious MLA seat in which only Monks can contest the election, and this is something very extraordinary with Sikkim as there is no any such seat in the name of Religion across the entire nation).

In a letter, it was mentioned that “you might be aware of the incident of Kathmandu, Nepal involving a Himalayan dharm lama Phurba Tamang and an Actress Meruna Mangar of Nepali Film ‘Kabaddi 4’, which has led to a widespread resentment among the Buddhist community of Nepal and India.

“As per the latest video clips, it seems that the lama cannot be proven guilty however, under the pressure of the police and actress, he has inadvertently accepted his error.” – the letter further reads.

“Our intentions are to condemn the atrocities meted out to an innocent lama and to seek through and fair investigation to find out the truth from the Government of Nepal and to avail justice for both of them. And we must peacefully stop releasing ‘Kabaddi four’ in our region to build up pressure to get justice for undisputed dharma till the matter is not resolved legally. In the light of above facts we request your honour to kindly intervene speaking on behalf of Himalayan, tarai, doors region and State of Sikkim seeking peaceful solutions for the seek of truth and dhamma. We believe that this will certainty make a valuable impact and do justice to all concerned,” – the letter added.

‘Kabaddi 4’ is scheduled for its release in Sikkim on June 17.

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