“One People, One Destiny” : ‘Naga Solidarity Walk’ To Be Hosted From July 28-29 


  • NET Web Desk

The Global Naga Forum (GNF) – a civil society group, connecting Nagas across physical borders is all set to host the ‘Naga Solidarity Walk 2022’ from July 28-29.

Organized under the theme “One People, One Destiny”, this initiative is the commencement of the 21st Century Naga Solidarity Walk – the first leg of a people’s relay for unity and peace in the Naga homeland.

The ‘Naga Solidarity Walk’ will begin in Kohima on July 28, and cross Angami territory, Mao territory, Maram territory, Poumai territory, and will converge in Tahamzam (Senapati) on July 29, 2022.

“This is not an anti-India project, but a pro-Naga movement and a non-violent one.” – informed an official statement.

“Nagas have fought hard for our right to live in an undivided homeland, and to grow and thrive together as a people. It has been a long and arduous struggle. But even after tens of thousands of our brave ancestors and family members have given their lives for the cause, our homeland remains divided and our right to a self-determined future has been stalled by external and internal roadblocks.” – the statement further reads.

The update further remarked that “The peoplehood of the Nagas has reached a critical point. Somewhere on the difficult journey, some Nagas grew weary and lost focus. Our adversaries infiltrated the ranks of the Naga cause and sowed seeds of discord and hatred amongst us. Unimaginable things happened from which we have not recovered. But deep down, given the right moment and opportunity, the resilience of the Naga people and the spirit of camaraderie in our character will sustain us. We will walk and converge in a common path of healing and peace for a shared journey to an undivided homeland: One People, One Destiny.”

“We believe Nagas will step forward and help out in your respective capacities and with your resources, whether that is participating in the walk, giving financial assistance, working on the planning and logistics, providing goods, or serving the community. Every Nagas is invited to be a part of our journey.” – the update added.