Manipur : Titular King – Leishemba Sanajaoba Expresses Grave Concern Over ‘Declining’ Meitei Population

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The lone Rajya Sabha MP from Manipur – Leishemba Sanajaoba, who is also the titular king, has expressed grave concern over the declining population of the “majority” Meiteis, the non-tribal Manipuris.

Addressing a religious conclave at Imphal on Friday, Sanajaoba remarked that “a demographic shift has occurred as a result of the large migration of non-natives. Birth control through family planning policies exacerbates the issue.”

He further stated that unless the Meiteis act now, valley residents will not be able to become chief minister in 15 years. Once the delimitation is completed in the state, nothing can be done to stop it.

“It is misleading. In the past two tribals, Rishang Keishing and Yangmasho Shaiza from the hill districts had been the chief ministers of Manipur. Keishing was the longest-serving chief minister before Congress leader Okram Ibobi became the first and only chief minister who could complete three consecutive terms,” – informed the former Minister – Nimaichand Luwang.

After the culmination of delimitation process, Sanajaoba predicted that the 40:20 ratio between non-tribals and tribals in Manipur will undergo major changes.

He further said that Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has urged union BJP ministers to complete the delimitation process by 2026.

According to The Hindu report, the valley districts shall lose 13 Assembly seats, if the delimitation is based on the 2021 census.

“These 13 Assembly seats will be whittled away from the valley districts which now have 40 seats. It will mean that the valley areas will have 27 seats and the Assembly seats in the hills shall increase to 33,” – Sanajaoba further added.

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