Sikkim Government Strives To Revamp AH&VS Checkpoints & Farms; Integrating Operations Of Fisheries Sector

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim

Recognizing the value of human resources at checkpoints, a review meeting of the Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, and Veterinary Services resolved to revamp AH Check posts and farms, thereby integrating the operations of fisheries sector.

This decision was undertaken during a Review-cum-Coordination meeting of the Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Veterinary Services Department held at the Conference Hall of Krishi Bhawan on Monday, under the chairpersonship of Dr. P. Senthil Kumar, Secretary AH &VS Department.

The Secretary conveyed that all check-posts of the Department must incorporate of adequate human resource and building infrastructure.

During the recent porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome and African swine flu outbreaks in the state, the importance of checkpoints was widely realized for managing the trans-boundary animal infectious illnesses.

In this regard, the meeting decided to constitute a technical committee to study and recommend ways and means to achieve it. The secretary directed all the district heads to prepare estimates for  check post building and proposal for HR and submit it to the committee.

The meeting also discussed about the progress made by various sections of the Department. All the District Head highlighted the major progress and issues and the members of the house deliberated on the same. District wise and Scheme wise presentation was made in the meeting.

It also emphasized various issues related with the implementation and ways and means to improve the functioning of the department.

The Secretary of AH&VS Department highlighted some of the findings during his recent field visits and requested the departmental officials to read thoroughly the guidelines of various schemes implemented by the Department including Piggery incentive and Dairy incentive schemes of the Government for flawless implementation.

These scheme guidelines on PPIS was discussed to clarify its provisions and its implementation.

He also requested everyone to work sincerely for the betterment of the farming community of the state; and urged the officials to work as a team for uplifting the economic conditions of Sikkim’s farming community.

Agenda-wise presentations were made by all the concerned District Head and Scheme In charge with various action points and inputs. Director of Fisheries Department – Mr Jaswant presented the implementation status of fisheries sector schemes, and the issues related with its implementation.

It also discussed suggested measures to expedite the implementation of the schemes and complete them at the earliest. During the course of the meeting following major decisions were taken and deliberated upon.

For smooth transition of the new 2 Districts, the concerned District Head to arrange and finalize all the administrative set up. Restructuring of manpower if needed further to be taken up in close coordination with the administrative section of the Department. Further the Head Quarter Vet Hospitals of these 2 New Districts shall be notified as District Vet. Hospitals.

Infrastructure development particularly the construction work of Dispensaries/centers to be completed within the time frame set. Concerned officer shall ensure finance and planning concurrence, cabinet approvals and its implementation in time. The house appreciated the efforts of district officials on progress being made in regards to Development through Credit Linkage initiatives and decided that KCC scheme to be enhanced as this has huge scope for new livestock and fisheries development.

The meeting decided to restructure the existing departmental farms to downsize and retain the viable farms based on species specific farms and to reorganize as Conservation Farm, Breeding Farm and Demonstration Farm.

A Technical committee will be constituted to study all the technical aspect of the farms and the committee should make recommendation to reorganize the farm to meet present day needs and categorize them as Conservation Farm, Breeding Farm and Demonstration Farm; thereby recommending measures for management of the farms.

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