Arunachal Governor Urges Citizens Of Insurgency-Hit Changlang To Oppose Extortion, Abduction By Militants 

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The Arunachal Pradesh Governor – Brig Dr B D Mishra (Retd) today urged the citizens of insurgency-hit Changlang District to oppose extortions, abduction and other unlawful acts, carried-out by the militants coming from outside the state.

He called-upon the people while addressing a delegation from Changlang district led by the President of Tirap-Changlang-Longding People’s Forum (TCLPF) – N Changmi at Raj Bhavan.

“The residents of Changlang, Tirap, and Longding districts shouldn’t allow outside forces to mislead, misguide, and confuse fellow citizens about their constitutional identity and independent tribal status,” – he remarked.

The governor declared that residents of the TLC region should be proud of their separate identity granted by the Indian Constitution.

As per an official statement, Mishra commended the TCLPF for undertaking the initiative to combat insurgency across these three regions.

“Insurgency won’t cease until people rebel and oppose the anti-national, anti-society, and criminal conduct of the insurgents. The administration would operate more efficiently, when the people cooperate with administration and security forces,” he said.

The governor emphasised that military actions are only initiated for the safety and security of a nation and its people.

“Insurgency is the main issue prevailing in Changlang, Tirap and Longding districts, and it is the root cause of corruption, underdevelopment and insecurity,” the governor added.

Commending the progressive mind of TCLPF, the governor said that the future of the people is with the state government.

Mishra further exhorted the residents of the insurgency-affected districts to engage their misguided youth and persuade them to rejoin society, as they would be offered support in accordance with official regulations, once they surrender.

Taking to Twitter, the Arunachal Governor wrote “Met a delegation from Changlang District, led by Shri N. Changmi, President, Tirap-Changlang-Longding People’s Forum (TCLP Forum)”

“Appreciated the initiative of the Tirap-Changlang-Longding People’s Forum for rising against insurgency in the TLC region and exhorted the people to oppose the extortions, kidnappings and other illegal activities of the militants coming from outside the State.” – he further added.

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