Arunachal Pradesh : Changlang DA Initiates Rs 15 Lakhs Project To Revamp Carpet Weaving Centre

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Floor and wall carpets have been the distinctive selling point for the Choephelling Cooperative Society, since its establishment in 1975 by Tibetan refugees on the outskirts of Miao, a sub-divisional headquarters in Changlang district.

After over 40 years, productivity fell and the society found it difficult to replace the ageing weavers with younger, faster ones. The carpet unit and its wooden looms were in disrepair, and low lighting affected the weavers’ vision.

Keeping in view of the scenario, the Changlang district administration recently initiated a Rs 15 lakhs project to renovate the carpet-weaving centre.

As per the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Changlang – Sunny K. Singh, “it was impossible to adapt with the antiquated looms. They wasted a day taking apart a loom and putting it back together to accommodate carpets of various sizes. Additionally, the weavers had to bend, stand and sit on a low wooden block, while working on different stages of weaving the carpet.”

“We replaced the old looms with 30 adjustable third-generation metal looms and provided ergonomic seats that are adjustable to four heights, thus eliminating bending and standing. The interiors were redone to make them cooler and airier while soothing ceiling lights were provided for better illumination,” he said.

Similarly, an investment into music system also helped into the transition of this weaving centre from economic downturn into attaining the Geographical Indication (GI) tag.

As a result, a music system worth of Rs 68,000 was also installed. It plays a range of Tibetan and popular songs, which frequently synchronizes with the motion of the weavers’ hands and fingers.

“The atmosphere of the facility, with music wafting in the air has greatly influenced the weavers. Compared to five hours, they presently stay behind for 8-9 hours. The output has increased exponentially, and most importantly, young boys and girls now consider carpet manufacturing to be a worthwhile profession.” informed the Secretary of Choephelling Cooperative Society – Tenzin Rabjor.

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