Tripura Registers Significant Rise In Institutional Deliveries; Registering Names During 1st Trimester – Matter Of Concern : NHM Director 

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  • Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura 

Agartala, June 29, 2022 : Tripura recorded a very high percentage of C-section to Institutional Deliveries has been reported by Tripura, which is around 97.94% according to Health Management Information System. While 89 percent of institutional deliveries are being done according to the report of National Family Health Survey, India. Both the reports are of the 2019-20 fiscal year.

In a press conference at NHM, Tripura office premises here in Agartala city on Wednesday, NHM’s Mission Director Dr Siddharth Shiv Jaiswal said “Although, the reports of NFHS and HMIS are excellent in terms of institutional deliveries, but the matter of concern is that 63.2 percent of pregnant women are registering their names during the first trimester.”

“The registration of names by the pregnant women must be done in the first three months i.e. first trimester. So that, the Health department can confirm pregnancy and the basic tests line anemia, blood pressure, weight required along with it can be recorded. Registration is crucial for maternal and child care, which must be done during the first trimester”, he added.

The Mission Director said “During the entire course of pregnancy, four check-ups are mandatory. The matter of worry is that 63.2 percent of women are being registered during the first trimester while 53 percent of pregnant women get tested for four times or more. Now, aiming to bring more pregnant women under this course of registration, the Health department has taken initiative to increase the percentage of registration.”

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