Meghalaya Intends To Construct 75 Climate-Resilient Health Centres Across Far-Flung Locations 

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The Meghalaya government intends to construct 75 new climate-resilient health centres across outlying locations.

Majority of these health centres are susceptible to climate variability, severely impacting the well-being of patients, auxiliary nurses, and midwives who run and maintain the facilities.

The state government has entrusted Sauramandala Foundation for capacity building and designs, while Selco Foundation will serve as its technical partner.

“We are attempting to incorporate sustainable designs in these buildings along fields of renewable energy and water conservation,” – an official of the Sauramandala Foundation told PTI.

The designs will be built at a cost of Rs 50 lakhs and include structures, resistant to harsh cold; strong winds; earthquakes and landslides.

These health centres will ensure the utilization of absolute lowest amount of energy for lighting and ventilation, which will be supplemented with solar energy and energy-saving gadgets.

“This partnership between the Government of Meghalaya, Sauramandala Foundation (on-ground partner), and SELCO Foundation (technical knowledge partner) seeks to create a scalable model for the facilities to be, resilient and strongly equipped to meet the needs of the poorest communities,” – informed an official of the Sauramandala Foundation.

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