Nagaland Government Failed To Implement Policies In Finance Sector; Alleges NPCC President 

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  • Loreni Tsanglao, NET Correspondent, Nagaland 

The President of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) – K Therie have criticized the ruling administration for failing to implement necessary policies in the finance sector; and not including strategies to revamp the start-up industries.

According to a press statement issued by Therie, “The much talked about MSME’s 20lakh Crore investment and all papers that are notified by the Central Govt are not applicable in Nagaland as per Banks and Financial Institutions. Rules of SBI and other Financial Institutions are different. They do not respect the notifications of GOI that were notified and read in the public domain. Implementation wise, there is no such thing as CGS loan (Credit Guarantee Scheme), there is no such thing as Unsecured loan (without security), there is no such loan than can revive sick industries, there is no such thing as Start Up entrepreneur’s loan in Nagaland.”

“Selection of beneficiaries of PMRY loan are made politically thus beneficiaries think it is a political gift. Selection of beneficiaries is not based on skill, commitment, feasibility report, etc, but is done on carbon copy project reports. As they do not repay, the Banks blame the public and refuse to give loans,” – the communique further reads.

Reiterating on Nagaland Government’s delayed implementation of SARFAESI Act for several years, Therie noted that “the state government also has not declared Cadastral Areas excepting a small part of Dimapur city. As such, Banks and Financial Institutions have not taken up any Micro, Small, Medium Enterprise scheme in the State. They cannot be proud of any achievement.”

“The State budget is for salary allowances. The strength of Govt employees has ballooned from 76,000 to 1,45,000. Backdoor appointments have deprived all reservation policies. After paying for huge Debt Servicing, the remaining development funds are shared by ruling politicians and insurgent groups. Most of the months, there is shortage for payment of salaries.” – he stated.

“Hon’ble Chief Minister has built a chain of Resorts and Hotels of his own. Five cases of money laundering have been filed by ED against CMO officials and his relatives. These people were just simple and innocent people who have been used. The only way to develop in Nagaland is through corrupt money. Niti Aayog graded Nagaland State as the Worst Performing state. Hon’ble Governor declared law and order has completely failed due to uncontrolled multi-parallel insurgent govts whose job is extortion while waiting for implementation of political solution announced by the Hon’ble Prime Minister to the nation as resolved in 2015.” – the communique further added.

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