Arunachal Pradesh : CM Pema Khandu Greets Apatani Community On ‘Dree Festival’

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The Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister – Pema Khandu extended his best wishes to the Apatani Community on the auspicious occasion of ‘Dree’.

Celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm, Dree is a harvest festival observed annually on July 5. The Apatani community offer prayers to deities; for a bountiful harvest season.

The word ‘Dree’ is derived from ‘Diiri’, which means purchasing or borrowing of food items when in scarcity or add to the existing stock in anticipation of lean days. In other words Dree is named after Diiri Piilo, a month in Apatani calendar.

Dancing and chanting of rhythmic music fill the Apatani settlements. The villagers don their traditional outfits and celebrate the festival with utmost gaiety.

Besides, the major highlights of the celebration include – the inauguration of the festival by a chief guest, hoisting of Dree flag, rituals and presentation of cultural activities.

Everybody present are served with Dree Taku (cucumber), Dree ‘O’ (rice or millet beer) followed by community feast. Games and sports, entertainment also form a part of the celebration.

The Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister – Pema Khandu expressed his best greetings to the community, hoping for bountiful harvest and prosperous year ahead.

Taking to Twitter, the CM wrote “Dear Apatani brothers & sisters ~ Joyous greetings on #DreeFestival & prayers to Almighty for bountiful harvest and prosperous year ahead. Your celebrations make us proud of our vibrant cultural mosaic and reinforce our bonding of love & peace.

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